Websites are not that expensive

I have spoken with a number new clients who have established businesses, I mean some of these companies are 25 years and older that either have extremely outdated websites or non at all.  One thing I would ask them is why it took so long for them to revamp their websites.  The most common answer I get is that the cost was way too high.

Web Design, Seo, Local Search, WebsitesI can get into the whole investment argument and throw out ROI and all of that but when it comes to cost I have always wondered when I hear that answer, “Why now then?  Am I under priced?  Who did they inquire with?  Commonly, when companies inquire about a new website, they understand the R&D and costs associated with website construction.  I personally think it is a question of who they are asking.  The internet is the internet.  Search engines to not put a value on if your website was constructed by a large media company or in someones basement.  Quality search engines are concerned with quality, relevant information to direct their searchers to.  If your website fits, it will be found, not if you spent $10,000 building it.  As a web developer, the best advice I can give to those looking for a new or upgraded website for your business is to shop around.  Like any product or service, if they carry a huge overhead they will charge more.  More then likely, the service will be spotty at best also.  Most of these large companies are looking to maximize production in the least amount of time, so you can expect a website built on a preformatted templet by an employee who is paid by the amount of websites they can get done per day rather then quality.

Look for a developer who let you speak with the webdesign people in person or on the phone.  Most of these huge media companies are using website construction as a money generator to make up for their old, faded media that is no longer generating for them.  Paying for overseas developers to market your website locally is technically taking 2 steps back in getting your website found.

There is a cost and investment when it comes to building and maintaining a website.  Just make sure the costs are justifiable.

Shop around.