Website Redesign and Seo

Updating a website and not losing your current digital footprint is an issue that many companies don’t consider.

Remember that when your going through a website redesign, it is possible that your Url page addresses may change.  When this happens your, links will be basically dead.  We don’t want to lose what rankings your currently have, we want to improve them.  One way to fix this is to be sure that 301 redirects are done so that the links still go to the correct pages that are being redesigned, and that “like” content is directed to the correct pages.

Believe it or not, redesigning a website is more time consuming then starting from scratch.  For one thing, you are attempting to correct deficiencies without losing what was working well with your website.  On top of that, you will want to go through your own checks to be sure that the content that exists currently isn’t lost in the migration to the new website content.

Things that you will want to look for

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  • Duplicate page titles
  • Page titles too long
  • Page titles too short
  • Missing H1 tags
  • Duplicate H1 tags
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Meta descriptions that are too long
  • Broken internal links
  • Broken external links
  • Structured markups
  • Image alt text