Web Design Using Accordions is Okay

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For years it has been a question web designers and Seo Specialists have wondered, Does Google rank the content used in accordion tabs?  Well a few years back, Google rolled out a major mobile-friendly update that was designed to offer a better mobile experience in terms of finding information in cleaner more organized layouts.  Tabbed content like accordions than became acceptable on mobile and desktop and won’t hurt your SEO.  Supposedly offering the ability for this content to be indexed and given fair SEO value.

What Does Google Say About Tabbed Content?

In Feb 2015, Google publicly stated they are ignoring hidden/accordion/tabbed content when determining search rankings. In Google’s eyes, “hidden” content was considered unimportant or secondary, and therefore, not worthy of indexing or attributing value. The folks at Google stated pretty clearly that if you wanted content indexed, you better make sure it’s visible to users when the page loads.  Gary Illyes from Google says studies are not true. “We index the content, its weight is fully considered for ranking, but it might not get bolded in the snippets. It’s another, more technical question how that content is surfaced by the site.”