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Web Design starts with the content on your website.  When Google is crawling your site, it is looking for clear and relevant content to assess where it will be placing your site on its index.  Having clear and easy to find information is important.

Web Design  begins with the content that is on your site, before tagging, and meta tagging and back-linking and all that other stuff.  You need to look at what is most important, the end user.  Not search engines, but the people who you want to be reading the information on the website.  Write for people, not what you think Google is looking for.  Having a keyword every other word in a sentence doesn’t work anymore.Web Design, Milwaukee web design, Website Constructon, Milwaukee SEO, Seo Milwaukee, Internet Advertising, Online Marketing,

It’s ok to have keywords in your content. Of course, but you want the content to read naturally and engage your reader with unique, quality content that offers value to the reader.  Hmm, sounds pretty self explanatory.

 Useful content is Web Design

Make sure that your not just rambling on with no direction, if someone is reading this, it should obviously have some sort of value.  It is important that you get your message across, if you are able to gain attention to your subject matter and create interest, just like in traditional advertising, you will gain readership and customers.

Once you have created the quality content that a person can engage with, now you can fill in the blanks with the meta data and keyword tagging and so forth.  All this information on the back end basically tells search engines more about the content and pictures that are in the article and helps with determining what information you are trying to bring forth.  You want to finish with back end stuff, not write around it.

No new tricks here, traditional relevant content will win out.

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