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Web Design Services in Milwaukee are all over. How do you pick the right one?

With all the companies out there that offer web design or website construction, how does a small business decide who to build their website?

What makes a good Web Design company? Well, I have been working with small to medium businesses for the past 20 years with their online advertising and web design programs.  And of course, I would like to do business with you.  That said, I have had many meetings with companies that are looking for a way to convey their company’s message onto the internet.  And of course, bring them customers.

As an internet consultant first, I can tell you that since this avenue of advertising and marketing is extremely new, I can understand the questions that you may have, and through experience, I can tell you the questions that you should have.  Most companies don’t know all of the steps required for a quality web site and online presence.  There are many hoops that you need to jump through in order to get a quality website running, and also have it be seen and used by audience that you want to target.

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Web Design can be costly,  The cost of building a website can range from free to thousands of dollars.  There are many companies out there that can charge next to nothing for a website, but require you to sign a contract with monthly fees and additional services and maintenance charges.  As a business, you should be asking what the value of the services are.  Are hosting fees included, registration, and who actually owns your website and content.


Remember, your website is the doorway to your companies image and is a total reflection of who you are and what your company is about.  It is important that whoever designs your website is able to convey your image to the public the way you want it to be presented.  Ask if the designer is local and if they are outsourced or in-house.  Ask if your website is Search Engine Optimized and if there are fees for that.  And above all else, make sure that your website is geared towards your audience and in your local area.  It needs to be easy to use and easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Updates And Content Changes

Just like your business, the internet is constantly changes.  Your services change all the time, a difference is your services due to time of year or focus changes are very very common, and the way search engines index companies are changing all the time too.  Make sure your Milwaukee web design company is able to update your websites content regularly, and see if there are additional charges for these changes.  Make sure that your content is copyrighted and that you have access to the website.

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Does your web developer handle any services to aid you in getting found online and what additional cost are there.  This is very important.  Its great to have a website, but if nobody can find it then its a waste of money.  Being found locally can be difficult if you have to hire another service to handle that for you after your website has already been built.  This is one of those hidden charges that you may run into after you website has been built.  You want to make sure that this is included with your website or at least how much it will cost before you commit to building a website with this company.  This is also how a lot of Yellowpage and newspaper companies can sucker business into purchasing their products.  First they offer you a free website if you buy this and that and oh by the way, in order to be found online now you have to buy more from us.  I cannot stress anymore strongly that you should stay away from these companies at all cost.  They break all the rules of proper website development and marketing.  Most outsource everything and are not local, Most over charge and under perform, most own your website and most build their websites on outdated platforms with little or no input from you.  local

Follow The Money

In some cases, web design is offered by companies that do just that, build websites.  In other cases, you run into companies that offer website construction as supplemental income.  If they don’t take their web development seriously they wont take you either.  Having a yellowpage company design your website is like having a plumber fix your car.  It won’t work.  In our case,  we have consulted business owners on how to be found online and successfully redesigned websites to aid in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for years, along with that we developed local SEO. social and content marketing programs that are very successful.  We do Web design and Website Construction out of necessity as much as talent, we really enjoy doing what we do. And of course it is much easier to handle a companies market program with a website that has been built and optimized in house.