The Importance of an SSL Certificate

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If you have a website and don’t have an SSL certificate with it, you are risking more than a green lock on your URL.

The main reason for an SSL is to keep sensitive information encryped so that only the intended recipient can access it.  Security is important, and search engines are taking steps to offer better search engine ranking to sites that are using SSL’s.   An SSl affirms your identity and that you are the business represented on the website and improves the trust of the people looking at it.  If you are doing eCommerce on your site, having an SSL is a requirement.

Affirming your identity

An ssl certificate provides authentication to your website.  Unfortunately, the internet is becoming more and more deceptive.  Having an SSL helps verify your website that it is authentic.

Data Protection by an SSL

The main function of an SSL certificate is protecting the communication between the client and the server.  All information is encrypted and no one else can see the files sent between the two.  Sensitive data such as Credit card info to medical forms are better protected.

PCI/DSS online payment requirements

You can’t receive online payments without an SSL.

Search Engine Ranking

In 2018, Google began to flag websites that don’t have SSL certificates.  Seeing a warning flag like this will surely cause people to think twice before going any further on your website and the way things are trending, I wouldn’t be surprised if sites without SLLs will get blocked.

SSL’s are installed on all of the websites we build.  If you would like to look into having a website for your business.  Give us a call.