Small Business Web Design, Using an Online Web Builder or a Web Design Company

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While using an online website builder may seem easy and cheap.  That is pretty much not the result.  While, your website may get that cheap look, in the long run it will end up costing you more then what your saving.  Using a local web design company will cost more.  But having to pay more up front for a website that is functional is more important then cheap.  Remember, your website will be the first impression that your potential customers will have when they are deciding on who to purchase a product or service from someone.

Be Unique, How Do You Want To Represent Your Company

Simple marketing asks you what makes your business different then the competition.  Why should people use your services or products.  If you are using a pre-built templet offered by these companies.  Your business is already taking a step back right from the start.  Standard templates are used and reused over and over, this is a bad start to looking unique.  Hiring a Web Design Company will offer you the option off a custom website unique to your vision and your companies branding.

Get Found!  You Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a website does not automatically mean that you will get customers.  Now that you have a website, you need the right people to find it.  Directional advertising is what made advertising in the yellow pages so successful in the past.  People need a product or service, look for it in their local directory and call the business they choose.  Online works the same but on steroids.  People search for products and services differently.  You can be found online in so many different ways now it is more like Directional/Creative advertising wrapped up into one.  An example can be like this.  A person can be looking for a product and type that into their search engine. Poof, a variety of businesses offering that product will appear and they click on few of them and choose who they want to go with.  Or, a person can ask a question or look up service types or product types and get different results the same way.  The key is that your business needs to be relevant for all of these combinations that people are using to find your products and services.  Web Designers and SEO experts are well versed in this and are better suited to use the latest SEO tactics to make sure that you are relevant and found.

More Functional And Better User Experience

Like anything, web design and the uses of websites are constantly changing.  A professional web design company will offer you the latest in web site functions and update your website as new innovations come.  Even the core designs of websites need to be constantly updated to assure the user experience is a good one and security issues are addressed.