Sharon, Your Local Google Specialist….Give me a break

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Is Sharon your local Google Specialist calling you?

Well after the fifth or sixth phone call I bet you don’t feel so special.

Dealing with SEO firms can be a tricky business if your not to familiar with the practice.  if your a small business and you hear this,  “Hi, this is Sharon, your local Google representative. We have an opening on the first page of Google for a business just like yours and we can guarantee unlimited clicks 24-7 for a small fee.”  Trust me, Sharon doesn’t work for Google.

Now if Google had a center that answers when website owners had questions about their SEO, can you imagine how many calls they would need to answer per day?  Do you really think that they would have the time, or even the need to call you?  I don’t think so.

One of the most common pitches an SEO con man can throw at you is that they can get you listed on the first page of Google.  And companies like this like to phrase things a bit to catch you sleeping.  “We have an opening on the first page of Google for a business just like yours and we can guarantee unlimited clicks 24-7 for a small fee.”  We isn’t that nice, what page are they going to list you on?  And did you notice that they are going to guarantee unlimited clicks?  Whoop die do!  SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Local Search marketing, Milwaukee SEO, Seo Milwaukee, Internet Advertising

A little thing about Guaranteed placement on Google, (notice that they didn’t guarantee any placement, just unlimited clicks).  No one, and I mean no one can guarantee placement on Google.  Here is a link to their Webmaster Guidelines.     “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.  I personally had to school a sales person just last week from a legitimate company about stating their relationship with Google.  There is no priority submit for Google.  That is the beauty of how Google works.  They don’t have any special relationships with any company when it comes to how they index their content.  Why?  Because they want to remain relevant.  Their main concern is that if you are looking for something, they want to deliver the most relevant results to you.  Otherwise you will choose to use a different Search Engine.  It is fair, and it makes sense.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use an SEO firm.  Just check and see what they are doing first.  There is a ton of work to be done when working on SEO for a client.  The majority of work is making sure that the website and its content is relevant and in a language that both people and Google can understand.  It isn’t all that easy.  Among other duties a good SEO firm will handle is your local presence and submissions to online directories and google places, your social media, content creation and search engine submissions.

Unfortunately, if a firm is using robo call tactics, my guess is that they wouldn’t want to expend the needed manpower it would take to do proper SEO.  SEO tactics are constantly changing and evolving.   The need for fresh relevant content is a must that most large SEO firms are not willing to invest.