Is Your SEO Company Outsourcing Your SEO?

Outsourcing the SEO of your companies website is common practice.  I always tell my clients “Plumbers gotta plumb”.  In order to make your business successful, business owners need to be doing business rather then spend time marketing their business.  That is the whole reason why you would want to hire an internet marketing company to do your online marketing for you.

There is an article on searchengineland that explains that in a recent poll of 345 SEOs, roughly 60% of them outsource a number of their SEO tasks.    You can read more here.

Some of their findings include

  • Citation Cleanup/Building is the most commonly outsourced task for local SEOs.
  • Content creation is commonly outsourced and has seen the biggest increase since 2015.
  • Link cleanup and reputation management are commonly kept in-house.

Now, it is a very well known fact that in order to be successful in marketing a business online, there is a huge volume of tasks that your SEO company needs to do on a regular basis.  That is why businesses turn to SEO companies.  Not only for their marketing expertise, but the fact that they should be able to handle these tasks.Milwaukee Web Design, Internet advertising Milwaukee, Website construction Milwaukee, Web Sites, Web Designers, SEO

I can understand in certain instances that outsourcing in some industries helps keep costs down in regards to keeping costs down on “busy work”, but in my opinion, content creation is something that should be done locally.  I feel that local businesses are able to localize their content to fit that businesses local market and what their customers are looking for.  I mean, isn’t that what local businesses are looking for?  You are also setting yourself for some troubling results.  Does a content writer in another state, or more then likely in another country know that a Roofing contractor in Brookfield Wisconsin services not only Brookfield but Waukesha, Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Elm Grove?  Think about it.

Always  be sure to find out if your Marketing firm handles their tasks locally.