Search Quality Rating Guidelines have been updated by Google

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Google has updated its search quality guidelines that has a few new areas that you will want to focus on.  Along with content creation, it is believed that google is also looking at the originator of the content that is being written onto your website articles. Not having a quality biography may become a rating factor.  This is even more important if your website is taking in content from outside contributors.  Another change is that they want websites to focus on beneficial content.  This is something that I always thought was being done.  If you are creating content just to get ranked by stuffing it with keyword after keyword, it may not work so well anymore.  Something I always stood by is the fact that the content that is being put onto your site should be beneficial to the user, or the person who reads it.  Not just for you to get ranked.

As we always stand by our belief that relevant content is king.  Add beneficial to the term.  Stay tuned…