It’s a new year, time for a new website for your business

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Get a new website for your business and start 2018 with a fresh new look!

If it’s a been awhile and you feel like your company is due for a refresher, then really think about what you want to get out of your website. Visual style, layout, and color schemes are a few things that you can have done to give your website a new look.  Remember, your website reflects your company and is the first thing that new potential customers will see before they decide on contacting you for your products or services.  Web Design isn’t ever really…finished.  Proper web design is an ongoing process as is providing proper services to clients.  Web designers are always working on your Internet advertising to keep your website as relevant and easy to use for both your business and the people who are looking for it.

Is your website mobile friendly?Web Design, Seo, Local Search, Websites

Web design has gone a long way and many websites will feature responsive designs so it functions on cell phones and tablets.  With the amount of mobile searches being done, having your website with AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is becoming more and more important.  These allow your website to load much faster on mobile phones using slower internet connections.

Does your website show your companies changes?

Hey, its a new year.  Successful companies are always evolving.  Has your website evolved too?  New products and services are one thing.  But maybe your company has received awards, or certifications that you want known.  Updating this information on your website can be very important in the decision making of many perspective customers.

Web Design and Website Redesign

The website you built 5 years ago may not be able to fulfill the growing needs of your businesses website.

In the past, having a 2 or 3 page website that had your businesses name, phone number and service information was enough.  These days people are looking for more in order for them to make a decision to contact your business about your services.  You may want to look over your current website and see if it is current with the new standards that are currently being used in your overall web presence.  Is the information still relevant to the products and services that your company provides?  Is the content easy for customers to find?  It may be time to have a Website Redesign.

We know where customers are looking for you most online.  Really… How do we know?  Because we put you everywhere they are looking for you.  Local Search, Social, Search, Blog-sphere, Online Directories, Places pages and so on.

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