Is your Mobile site fast enough?

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Slow websites are annoying, as most people do in the case of a slow loading website.  We just click off of it and on to the next one.  The case is the same on mobile websites.  In my opinion, it is even more important.  Mobile websites need to be fast and responsive, Google knows this and in the near future it will affect your rankings in mobile search.  In many cases, your website is more then likely not responsive or just plain old.  Having a separate mobile version of your website can be a quick fix, but it more then likely affect your rankings in search also.  Your best bet is to have your website rebuilt from the ground up making it a responsive website.  This way it will adjust to the platform that is using it.  This also will help your mobile version speed up in most cases as you will have more control over the content being displayed on each page.  Give us a call for a quick analysis.

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