Web Design FAQ | Web Design Mistakes

Having worked on web design for 15 years in Milwaukee, I have notices a number of mistakes done, here are a few I encounter a lot when doing redesigns of problem websites.

If you want to be successful online, you need to develop a website that serves the needs of your visitors in a user-friendly way.  Like in all forms of advertising, simple is better.  Yes,  your site needs to be easy to use and easy to understand for the end user.  Visitors should be guided through the salses process in a simple and easy manner.  They shouldn’t have to guess what you are trying to show them.  Remember, they are already on your website looking for a product or service.  It is your websites job to show them that your company is the one that should provide it to them.

Mistake Number 1,  Attempting to Dazzle your customers.

Business owners want their websites to be as eye-catching as possible.  Thinking that if they add flashy graphics and animation they will gain more attention.  These special effects can distract visitors from what you really want them to focus on, the value of your product or service.  Now there is nothing wrong with a little graphic or animation here or there, but the concept of less is more applies to web design also.  Impress people with your products and services or your expertise in your field, banners and links don’t do that, it starts to look cluttered and unprofessional and will ruin your credibility.

Video and flash presentations are nice, but they can get long and you may bore them off your site.  Studies show that most first-time visitors spend only 10 seconds on a website before deciding whether or not if offers any value to them.  Don’t waste those seconds on distracting video.

Mistake Number 2, Your Website is TOO LARGE

The more the better is not the case when it comes to web site design.  Studies have shown that 30 to 60 percent of website visitors drop off with each click that they are required to take.  Your Website needs to be as streamlined as possible if you want to reach its full potential.  Large sites also slow performance.  Multipaged sites with tons of graphics and video that take too long to load will easily lose visitors.  Try and keep it running fast so you don’t lose their attention simply because your website is slow.  If your company has 5-10 products or services, try having them all on your home page, or group them into categories on their own page instead of a separate page for each product.

Mistake Number 3, Navigation

Some Web designers like to show off their skills by creating new and different ways to navigate around a website. Sometimes they hide links beneath icons or images, so that users can’t find the links unless they mouse over the graphics.  Other designers put their navigation bars in different places on each page of the site, or change the look of the navigation bar itself, which can be awfully confusing. Navigation bars are like traffic signs: They have to be consistent and easily understandable to be effective. The best way to deal with your navigation is to make it simple and obvious. It might seem boring and unoriginal, but that’s the point. People don’t want to have to spend time figuring out how to make their way through your website, they really don’t care, they want a product or service.  If they have to look for it on your site, they’ll go somewhere else to find what they’re seeking.

Mistake Number 4, Burying Information

Web surfers are impatient people! They don’t want to spend time trying to find what they’re seeking on your site. According to market research, more than 50 percent of all Web sales are lost because site visitors can’t find what they’re looking for.  Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.  You don’t need to tell a story, visitors are simply looking for who, what where, and why.  So tell them.


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