Maintaining your SEO during the off season

If your business is seasonal, remember that search engines do not have an “off Season”.

The internet is always on.  If you happen to slow down your SEO efforts and activities search engines will notice and your website rankings will more then likely be negatively affected.  It can be a signal that your website is not active anymore, losing relevance and not worth ranking high.

SEO, Search Engine OptimizationA lot of business owners might assume that they can slack off and save a good amount of money by cutting off their SEO spending during slow times. While this might sound like a good idea and while it might save you some money in the short term, this kind of thinking will absolutely decimate your long term potential as it relates to SEO. Because SEO is something that requires consistency, by taking periods off throughout the year, you will undoubtedly hinder the progress you have made during your peak season(s) and it could result in a loss of rankings and ultimately sales during your peak seasons.

SEO is one of the marketing methods that needs consistent and persistent efforts in order to reap the rewards. Because of this, a seasonal business must maintain their SEO strategies throughout their slow season just as much as their busiest seasons. The results of doing this will likely end up propelling you towards even greater rankings during your most important months of the year.

As a company, we always recommend year-round SEO strategies only.  Since we consider ourselves an extension of the businesses we work for, we only want to use a strategy that will be effective.  We know that an SEO strategy will fail if it isn’t done for the entire year and as a practice, we turn down clients who won’t do a constant year round SEO strategy.