Google Local Business Page Calls, No Google Didn’t Call You

Did you get a call today from someone claiming that your Google page is only half complete?

Did they say that you need to Verify your listing?  No need to push 1, it isn’t Google calling you, its just another robo call.  This isn’t a new tactic, I get 2 or 3 of these calls a day as these bulk robo callers don’t even look at the content on your website or listings, they just call every phone number they can find.  SEO, Milwaukee SEO, local search, web design

Keeping your local business listings fresh is very important, as is making sure that all of your content is correct.  This burden is on the webmaster, internet marketing person or business owner.  Search engines do not have the time nor the need to contact you out of the blue to do this as it is much more beneficial for your business to have the correct information listed.  Companies that contact you telling you this are just trying to scare small business owners into purchasing their services.

‘Nuff said