Google and Yahoo Partnerships

Regardless of what your sales person tells you, Google and Yahoo do not give “bulk rates” to companies.  There are no “Partnerships” in that form.  Google adwords for example will charge you the same rate if you did it yourself or with any other company large or small.  Google rates are determined by Quality score and a number of other factors not determined by any “partnership”.
Now Google does have a Premier SMB Partnership (click here for video explaining) with a number of companies, this relates more towards support and training, and a company involved with this “should” be able to aid you in developing an internet marketing campaign using quality score and a number of other factors  helping your marketing program to cost less and more effective, but that remains to be seen as to how well your individual rep works with you on this.  Also remember that even if they are able to create a website with a higher quality score, you are now paying them and the search engines for your SEM.  Do you think you will get any savings this way?
Always keep in mind, Search engine companies such as Google and Yahoo are mostly concerned with the users experience.  Their main concern is that when a person is looking for something, they find it.  And the results they get are quality companies that are relevant to what they are searching for.  If this doesn’t happen, people will use a different search engine.  That is why there is no bulk rates given to companies.  Believe it or not, that is a good thing.