Do I need a new website or just a website redesign?

Web Design can be classified in a few different ways.  As a Web design company in Milwaukee, we classify it in 2 different ways when it comes to website construction.  Website design and website re-design.  Occasionally a client will contact us and ask us how to get their website higher on search engines thru SEO services, or they may be wondering if their website is still up to par with their competitions or the latest technology.

From an SEO standpoint it would probably be easier to just build an entire new website, but if your website already has up to date content and is still relevant, it would really depend on your web developer and the platform that your website is currently using.  It isn’t really too difficult to redesign and update a current website, as a developer, the hardest issue is figuring out what the original design was intended to do and either continue with the existing design and update the design or rip it down and rebuild it.

Having an effective website is important to your companies image and marketing plans.  The website you built 5 years ago may not be able to fulfill the growing needs of your businesses website.

In the past, having a 2 or 3 page website that had your businesses name, phone number and service information was enough.  These days people are looking for more in order for them to make a decision to contact your business about your services.  You may want to look over your current website and see if it is current with the new standards that are currently being used in your overall web presence.

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Is your website updated regularly with your current products and services?

Is the information still relevant to the products and services that your company provides?

Is the content easy for customers to find?


Is your site connected to the social media?

Does your website provide an easy way for customers to contact you?

Does it provide current news and information about your products, services, and announcements?

Responsive Design:

Is your website easy to navigate?

Does it work well on Desktops as well as tablets and smart phones?

Are you able to make changes in a timely manner?

Does it load quickly?

Web Presence:

How well is your company represented on the internet?  If a person is looking for a product or service that your company offers.  Will they find you on the internet if they are searching for these products and services?  People are looking on search engines, online directories, social media, blogs, and review sites, are you where they are looking?  This is done with an effective SEO strategy by Web Presence Pros.  And when they find you, how well does your website represent your companies message.  As a first impression, your website is now the identity of your company and it is important that your website is designed to represent your image when customers find you.