Boosting your site’s SEO with Video

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With the rise of video online, it is important to look ahead.  The internet is the go to medium.  Pretty much everything is going digital, as things go digital, it is more and more internet friendly.  You can expect tv programming to continue to be online with, in my opinion, eventual networks and tv programming.  It already is being done with the telecoms in a such like u-verse as far as transmission.  Expect that to be just a stepping stone.  Milwaukee Web Design, Seo, Web Design, Milwaukee, Internet advertising, SEO, Websites

With that said, Search engines are looking more and more at video content as part of your website content.  This will require balance, you want to make sure that your video content is balanced with the rest of the content on your website and relevant.  We don’t want to overburden your website with too much.

Video is also just plain effective, it is much easier to recall information from a video and roughly 44 percent of buyers viewed an online video while searching for local products and services.

here is a link to a nice article from search engine land with even more info.