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Web Presence Pros LLC is a full service Milwaukee web design company geared to giving your business complete Web Presence.

Web Design is just the tip of the iceberg, we specialize in more then website construction, the Milwaukee web design staff are specialists in designing your companies complete web presence.  Marketing your business online requires constant monitoring and updating, proper web design is just the first step.  Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the budget or the means to be able to staff a salaried employee to market and monitor their entire internet marketing programs consistent with the current demands of successful web design standards.  That’s where we come in.  We will build, monitor, and maintain your online presence for you so you can do what you do best, and that’s servicing your customers needs.

Milwaukee Web Design for complete Web Presence 

    From website building, Search Engine Optimization, Video Production, Social Networking, Reputation Management, and E-Commerce Websites, our Web Design Services cover all that is needed to provide your business with a dominant online presence allowing your customers to find you where they are looking for you.   Milwaukee Web Design services by Web Presence Pros LLC will even negotiate your online advertising programs with online directories if needed for you to assure your business is everywhere you need it to be.  Our staff has over 20 years marketing experience in both print and online advertising and marketing. 

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Most people are accustomed to hearing the familiar recording on the phone telling you that your business is very important, please stay on the line and someone will be with you shortly.  Only to get an operator take your information and forward it to their Web design department.  A delay with updates and issues with your website can be damaging.  Dealing with a local Website company is important from a customer service standpoint and also from a marketing standpoint.  When dealing with us, you are dealing with the person who designed your website first hand, and if needed, we will be happy to meet your business and personally address your questions in person.

The internet as a whole is looking for local content.  If you want to advertise in Milwaukee’s third ward, or in Waukesha and Oconomowoc, a web designer in another state or country isn’t going to be much help.  We know the area, we live here.


All pricing is flat rate, no hidden charges.  We have no need to sneak additional costs or charges into our services.

Customer Service

We handle all phases of your web design, from website design and construction to SEO and Social networking.  No third parties, your point of contact is also the person who is directly involved in your Web Design services and Website Construction.  Your questions are handled quickly and efficiently and we are usually able to address any questions the same day.

Online marketing programs these days take a lot of time and effort.  Internet marketing and search engine algorithms are constantly changing.   We have perfected our services over years of experience of seeing what works and what doesn’t work.  And to be honest, fixing inept advertising programs offered by these other companies.  Our company is only a few years old, but we have been perfecting our services for over 15 years.  And our company started more out of necessity as no other companies offered the same services and results as ours at a reasonable price.  We are out performing our competition and charging half the price.

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